Curtains are one of the best ways to effectively reduce sunlight and its harmful UV rays from entering your home. We offer Day Curtains which diffuse light rays with their lightweight and sheer material, creating a subtle and cosy ambience.

We also offer Night Curtains that provides maximum privacy and is able to replicate a cinematic experience. It is opaque and heavy-weighted, allowing your room to be as dark as night at any time of the day. The Night Curtains even blocks heat and cools down your interior.


High Quality Original European Systems, Supply and Installation for both Motorised and Manual Retractable Awning, Indoor and Outdoor Roller Blinds System, Zipper Blinds, Loop Blinds, Venetian blinds, Curtains. Customised Fabric Canopy and Standalones. Roofing Solutions including Aluminium Composite Panel Roof, Polycarbonate Roof, Laminated Tempered Glass Roof and Trimdek Metal Roof.


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